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Hi lovelies!

I totally forgot to share this post here aswell! So better late than never! Have an amazing weekend!

While exploring the internet looking for inspiring pictures, I came across a RL photographers portfolio site.  On her site she mentioned some tips for  Fashion photography for those just starting out.

Now obviously RL photography is completely different from SL, but I think some of her tips and suggestions really do apply for SL photography too. So I figured I would share them.

1. Look & Learn

Look at images every day. Whether it’s photographs or paintings—looking, learning and observing are the key to creating an eye for arresting images. This will form the foundations of your aesthetics and style, from colour palette, lighting, framing, clothing, makeup to model choices.   I find myself checking Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and some of my favorite photographers websites daily to feel a new flow of inspiration.


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